Monday, February 07, 2011


This is probably the longest gap between posts ever. As usual, not much to rant about these days.

I'm quite zen-like these days. It's not that life is better. Make no mistake, it still sucks.

But it's really not so bad. Anyway, I bought a Garmin-Asus Android phone. It's awesome. I've been meaning to get a smart phone and the CNY sales period gave me the chance.It's mine boggling. It's phone. And it's a tiny computer at the same time. And I can install stuff on it!

I sound like this because I'm old and I remember phones that did nothing but call and text and tell you the date and the time.So yes, I'm enjoying it.

I also jammed yesterday. Been doing that for awhile now. Yesterday we didn't know what to play so we improv'd. I conjured up some lines on my guitar and it actually sounded like music.All that scale practice is paying off! To actually hear it is pretty cool.

So now I must keep working on technique, speed and stamina. And here I thought I had hit a wall again..I guess that's it for now. No that I can do this on a phone, I suppose I could update more often.

Short updates though. The tiny keyboard's a real bitch to type on..

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