Monday, August 16, 2010

Return To Azeroth?

While hanging out this week, one topic that kept creeping up was MMOs. World of Warcraft in particular. I used to play WoW. A few days ago, I checked and my last log in was July 2007. A little over 3 years ago.

One of our friends recently started the 10-day trial.

I was please to discover that my account was still alive albeit suspended pending renewal of subscription. I'm actually contemplating going back. Not so soon though, still have some loose ends to handle.

Speaking of which, today I cleared a credit card. Luckily I managed to secure a small loan and much lower interest to pay off the balance. This will help a lot.

Feels kinda good to do something about that.

In other news, life is still like that. It seems that one of the jobs i applied for is a no go and to be honest, things don't look good elsewhere too. I guess I'll have to be content.

I do have some small graces to be thankful for. But still, there's that realization that these too will pass. People grow older and grow apart and each of us will move on. Some will succeed and some others will not.


Is there an end to that? Experience tells me that there is no happily ever after even though this is what we yearn for.

Sometimes, I look at the future and it looks really... empty. As in I"ll be alone there.

It's not good to be so negative but I have to ready myself for that eventuality. To be honest, the more time passes the less likely things will turn out differently. I remember myself being 17 and being so optimistic about life. It was so simple and I was such a good student. There was no way I could fail.

Funny how that worked out in the end.

I do ask myself where did it all go wrong? I'd like to know if it's at all possible, where in the past was the turning point? Were there many or was there one big decision that changed everything? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere and ended up here? Turn a different corner and who knows who I might have met.

I guess I'll never really know.

Until my next post, that is all I have. Perhaps there will be some sort of answer then.

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