Wednesday, September 01, 2010



Only 1 post in August. Well yeah.

Anyway, around this time I usually write something pithy about National Day and how it should be 47 instead of 53. Then I go on and on about the reasons why it should be so.

I'm not going to bother this year.

The people who know me already know how I feel about this and people who don't know can look up my older posts.

I'm not going to annoy myself by explaining why. Besides, a soapbox is only good when you have readers. And why wouldn't that be true. No one wants to follow a blog that's updated once a month anyway.


I went shopping the last few days. Finding good footwear is incredibly difficult when you're looking for something specific. I did end up buying something but it wasn't exactly what I really wanted.

At least it was cheap.

I cleared one credit card this month. I used a loan which uses my insurance policies as collateral. Low interest, flexible payment schedule, easy approval. Too bad the amount I qualified for wasn't very big.

But it helps anyhow and I should be feeling a bit more comfortable the next few months.

Comfort. One of the small things to be grateful for. As deathly quiet and lonely things get, I've been in worse places. I try to keep the perspective even as I read status updates and look at pictures of people doing and having things I failed to get.

Life is a sport. Unfortunately not everyone can turn pro.

It's hard to accept this sometimes. But I must remember that perspective.

Till next post.

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