Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd Post for July

I ran across an article the other day, something about if Twitter and Facebook are blog killers. I think they are.

I notice that my blog isn't the only one that doesn't get updated much. I used to blog to express things at a moments notice. I never plan any posts. All of it was spontaneous.

Then I opened a Facebook account. The status updates covered the need for mind vomit microposting and the friends list covered the need for an audience.

I currently don't have the need to open a Twitter account yet. Maybe I should, if only to book some cyber real estate using my preffered username.

Anyway, this blog is not getting shut down. Who knows, I might need to write something really long winded and I can't write them on Facebook because people know who I am there.

I guess the one thing this blog still provides one thing that Facebook can't. Anonymity. I could bitch about work here. I haven't had the need for it yet though.

I also keep my favourite links here so it's still useful like that.

I've been watching How I Met Your Mother lately. What an awesome show. I love it. Many reasons. I also like how it makes me think about my own life.

Maybe that's one possible subject for a long winded post?

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