Monday, April 26, 2010


I really had no time this month, to say nothing of motivation.

Had a long, long week. There was a major conference at work and I had to work through the weekend. Good thing I'm off work tomorrow. Had some extra leave to clear.

I applied for another job. I sent in my application late last week. Same thing I'm doing but with some extra stuff on top. Much, much more pay. It's a long shot though. The potential employer states that having a degree and/or professional certification is "highly desirable". I have none of these.

Seriously though, I can do this job if I get it. If. No matter though, if I don't get it then I'm not worried.

I stayed at Tune hotel a few weeks back. Just needed to get away from things. Nice, clean hotel. Cheap too. Cheaper still if you book way in advance. I'm going back there should I feel like going away again.

I got a raise today. 5%. Not too bad.

Tomorrow, I need to pay some bills and fix the car.

Hopefully, I'll be motivated to post my next entry quicker than this one.

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