Tuesday, August 04, 2009

August Heatwave

Some people don't get why I like t.A.T.u so much considering how most of the music I like is more... jangly. They were "manufactured" too. I hate "manufactured" bands. I don't get why I like them so much either. It's definitely not that faux lesbian phase they went through when they first came on scene. I didn't like them immediately anyway. It took awhile for me to get interested.

I like them a lot. Especially the song in the video. I think it's brilliant. And songs like 30 minutes. And their other stuff. Especially the ones that weren't singles. I even like their russian stuff.

It's too bad that they decided to "take a break". Hope they come back soon.

Meanwhile back in the real world, things are hotting up. El Nino is back along with the haze and the heatwave and uncomfortably warm nights. This weekend, we will be having our first public event at work. I'll be on evening duty.

So long week ahead. But hopefully a good one.

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