Thursday, July 02, 2009

Short Post

Maybe I should get a Twitter account. I've had the urge to write things recently but they're all short things. Not enough to make a good sized post.

Anyway, it's been a tough but good week so far. I'm still trying to find my feet at work but things are beginning to settle and I feel more comfortable now. I'm learning new stuff at work. Some very interesting stuff about voip. Very interesting. I have absolutely no experience with it. I've never even seen an IP phone before this week.

Since I'm in the IT department, I'm going to have to learn fast since I'm going to help with maintaining and administrating the thingies and the underlying infrastructure. Which is completely alien to me at this point.

That's one of them prerequisites of being in IT. Learn fast(er). Especially newfangled technologies because users are going to expect you to know things when they come to you for help. It's not so bad really. If your theoretical knowledge is ok and your logic is sound it's not so hard to pick up new things in IT. Except in my case, programming. I still find it extremely mind boggling. I've never had the knack for it.

So that's the way things are going to be for the time being. There will be more unknown new stuff for me to handle soon.

So far so good.

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