Sunday, November 12, 2006

Idle Thoughts

My oh my. This blog really is seriously in danger of being neglected to death. I might need more drama in my life to spice things up a bit, so to speak.

I haven't had anything really important to blog about since before my last post. Even now as I write this, I have absolutely no idea where this post is going to go.

Kind of like the first time I started.

The latest new thing I'm wondering about is what is wrong with Bittorrent lately. Does anyone else have problems downloading stuff using torrent files, or is it just my connection? I've asked some people and all those people are complaining too. I've also heard rumours that Telekom did something to limit torrent download speeds. I most certainly hope that isn't true.

That would suck if it turns out to be true. Anyway, another thing I've noticed is that the speed of torrent downloads seems to be inversely proportionate to the size of the download. I can still hit decent throughput if the files being downloaded are less that 100 Mb.

When I download drivers and other stuff through http, my speed is kind of inadequate too now that I think about it. Which is not good news since I need to download new ATI Catalyst drrvers.

And when I play World of Warcraft, my latency is around 900ms+ presently. That's just barely enough.

It's a good thing that these few weeks have been really good with off line single player stuff. Like Football Manager 2007, Need For Speed Carbon and Neverwinter Nights 2.

Yep, yesterday I managed to get NWN 2.

It's very good. Definitely I'm quite impressed with the brilliant graphics, although the ingame camera system isn't very good without some adjustments in the game options. I'm also impressed at the implementation of D&D 3.5 rules. I created a Human Fighter and so far, the game is quite fun.

It remains to be seen if the story is as epic in scale as the one in the Baldur's Gate/Baldur's Gate 2 saga, which is still the greatest computer role playing game series ever created in my humble opinion.

If there's anything to complain about NWN2, one of it is probably the very hefty graphics requirement. Even my new fangled computer had some problems at first. The other thing is that the story takes awhile to get going.

In other happenings, not much else is happening.

It's still the same. I still go hang out and chat with friends, still fuss over the dog and cat, still fiddle with the computers at home. I hope to get a used 17" monitor next week. Real cheap.

So how am I feeling these days?

I'm feeling quite content, if one could call it that. I mentioned drama early and it's been so long since I've experienced any real upheaval, it's just a dim memory now. These days, I watch more than I participate.

Occasionally I do wonder if this apparent lack of emotion is doing more harm than good. I remember someone telling me that it isn't good to be numb inside. I think that's one way of describing it.

I do feel sort of numb.

Or perhaps after all this time and after all that's happened, I've finally gotten bored of it all.


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