Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Feeling so Good

I’m not feeling so good. Tired. And it’s about to get very, very busy around here. I do in fact want to elaborate on my last post but I’m not really up to it and the moment.

Going out to Bing later. Haven’t gone to Bing in forever.

Chinese New Year break was pretty good. Quiet. Only went to one house. I did have a really good time on the eve of CNY. Went to hang out at a friend’s house to watch fireworks. I was thinking the impromptu fireworks we have in all the towns in Sarawak could be a useful tourist attraction. I think it’d be a good idea to use it that way.

No Valentine’s day blues. Hadn’t had that for a while actually. No desire to whine or ruminate over relationships and women etc. I think I’ve pretty much written down everything I’ve got to say about that. I guess that’s a good thing even though it makes this blog less fun to read. Not that anyone reads it anymore anyway, apart from myself.

I think Twitter and Facebook are more immediate and gratifying as a means of self expression. Hence the reduction in blogging interest.

Felt very lethargic last week and this week too. Tomorrow I’m planning to sleep in.

It’s nearly the end of February and this is only my 2nd post.

There is one other thing I want to write down. About work. I’m feeling kinda angsty again. But no adventure this time. Only security. I get this feeling that this job isn’t secure enough.
Something to think about the next few weeks.

I would feel worse if not for the games on my PC. Had to reinstall Windows recently. The first time I’ve done that to my PC in at least 3 years.

I’ll post again within the next 2 weeks or when something noteworthy happens whichever comes first.

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