Monday, January 18, 2010

Slowing Down

Well that took a long, long time didn't it.. There is even less time these days to even update my Facebook status nevermind post in blogs.

I had a long, long week last week. There was a big do here over the week and I was on duty. Tiring. But quite satisfactory. On Sunday, I went out to buy some more computer stuff for this friend of mine who is going on a PC upgrading spree. Over the last few months, I helped him change everything from DVD writer to CPU to RAM to motherboard. Even got a pretty good graphics card. We changed everything and yesterday we went out to buy a new hard disk. 500Gbs for RM175. That's ridiculously cheap.

If it weren't for the fact that I need to pay insurance at the end of March I would buy one myself. It's still on though. I really, really need the extra space. After all the bills are paid I'm getting one as soon as I can afford it.

So yeah, now this friend has what amounts to a brand new PC covered by three year warrantee. We are both very pleased. The only things we haven't changed are the monitor and the casing. This "new" PC should last him quite a while. His old PC stayed more or less the same for something like 8 years.

It was fun doing this. I wish I could build more computers more often.

Other than that, things are pretty routine so far. Time has floated by at a good enough rate so this January doesn't actually feel like the dreary month it usually is. It's been raining very heavily a hell of a lot. People have been complaining about it and for good reason I guess. But I actually like the rain apart from the fact that it makes it inconvenient to go out.

There's been a little bit of drama at work but thankfully it doesn't really involve me. Some people live of this office politics stuff. I'm not one of them. As if like isn't already complicated enough like I often say.

Hopefully this week will be less busy and I can slow down a bit.

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