Friday, January 08, 2010


You know what some people say about how the year end brings nothing new, that the so-called New Year's Day is just an arbitrary placeholder for the end of a calendar. Nothing changes.

I agree with that.

But this time oddly enough, it feels like something HAS changed somewhere.

I've been at work for a week now and life in general is a little different. It's probably just a change in perception. What I don't know is what brought that on. Especially considering how awful last year was. By right I should be traumatized. True to form last year was filled with crap right up till the last day.

But I'm not traumatized. I could say that I'm numbed but I'm sure it's not that. Maybe it's the weather? Or the new music I put in the car? It's hard to describe exactly what I'm feeling. It's something like feeling easier, like a burden has lifted with the coming of a new year. It feels like I could consign all that awfulness to the past where it belongs? I'm not sure I'm saying this right.

Basically, it's almost as if 2009 didn't really happen.

One not so good thing so far is how busy I am this first week of January. Tomorrow I have to come work again. And next week I might have to work until 10.00pm until Saturday.

Good timing though, after fixing my aircond compressor I'm flat broke. At the end of March, it will be road tax paying time...

I've so knackered I haven't even gone out yet this year. Perhaps I'll do that tonight. I have this craving for a Prosperity Burger...

So there it is, the 1st post for a new decade. Here's to a peaceful, safe, drama free 2010 and may the past stay there and not haunt me like it usually does.

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