Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Won Something!

I opened my big mouth and left a rather long comment on someone's blog. Usually, nothing much happens. This time I actually won something. How about that huh?

Since I'm rather busy I haven't really gone out anywhere the last week or so. So obviously nothing to write. Again.

Oh yes, something did happen. My PC got infected by a freaking virus. Serves me right for not manually updating my antivirus for more than 3 days. Anyway, it took me three days of scanning and manually replacing files to get my system back up.

Now that it's ok again, I've been playing Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.

It's bloody brilliant. RTS fans must try it. It's awesome.

It's awesome enough to make me contemplate upgrading my graphics card and processor again.

Talking of new stuff, I managed to snag a used K800i for cheap. I'm receiving the phone on Monday. I'm very excited.

I'm playing instructor to the new guy in our department. As tiring as it is, I find it oddly satisfying...

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