Monday, June 21, 2010

Football Month

There is no time to blog at all. Even less than usual.

I signed up for the Astro Sports Package just to watch the World Cup. It's been great so far. I've watched more games on TV than I've watched the rest of the year.

Actually, there's a lot of football related stuff to talk about. About how the French and English are sucking. And how USA, ROK and Japan are getting better. And how some managers have gotten their tactics wrong. And the heroics of New Zealand! And DPR Korea! And Switzerland!

Maybe some other time?

I recently applied for another job. A govt one. Here is another opportunity for my past to creep up and haunt me again. It's sort of disappointing to think that it would get in the way. But that's the reality of things.

It could happen.

I hope it doesn't though.

Now why would I be looking for work when I already have a perfectly good job? I'm getting old here. I need some job security and something with big longterm benefits. I thought about it long and hard. I'd even take a pay cut.

I hope it works out. Too many things haven't in the recent one or two years.

I hope it does. I have plans that revolve around this.

Ok, that's one post for June. Another one coming before the end of the month.

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