Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Low Octane

It's Wednesday again so it's time to post something. If only I had something interesting to write about...

Anyway, I've been using that new RON95 fuel ever since it was available in August. It's ok so far. I don't notice any big difference. Only a slight loss of power but that might be because of the old engine rather than the fuel.

Already, I'm hearing nasty rumours about how the thing is going to ruin your vehicle and all that. Another example of grapevine inspired paranoia is all. The new fuel is only slightly lower octane than the old Super so it's very, very unlikely to do anything bad to your car. I did have a question about cleanliness but since then I've read that all the gas companies are adding cleaning additives to it so I'm not so worried.

Still, it's very early so things could still happen.

Another thing, these days everytime I read the paper or watch the news on TV my first reaction is usually skepticism. Even mundane things. I wonder where that came from...

I've been playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood lately. Very, very nice. I'm quite surprised by how fun a spagetti western based shooter could be. I wished the story was longer. I'm thinking an Fallout 3 like open ended cowboys-n-indians era RPG shooter would be a really good idea actually. I hope a game like this would appear someday soon.

Talking about appearing soon, FM2010 will be out at the end of October. Can't wait for that one. And when in the Hell is Diablo 3 going to come out?!

It's September already. Time flies by so fast when you're getting old...

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