Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grand Slam

Oh my God, there are huge crowds of people in Melbourne to watch teh tennis this week. It's a bit hard to have a nice stroll in the city with so many people around.

There was a huge fight yesterday I think, between Bosnian and Croat fans. It's a good thing we decided not to go to the place. I was contemplating going to watch a game but I guess if it gets that hot it might not be a good idea. Besides, the rest of the guys aren't really huge tennis fans. I don't really want to go alone.

We did go to Chinatown which was great. Next week we might go to another part of the city. Last week we walked along Lonsdale street. Lots of Greek shops and restaurants.

So far I'm having a good time here. Much better than being out in the bush.

Also it's Australia Day on the 26th. I might go to town and see what's going on.

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