Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Dark Secret

Update on last post.

I'm exhausted. From work and from the emotional roller coaster I've been riding lately.

On one hand, I am elated. I've not had my interest peaked by someone for the longest, longest time. And here I was thinking God had answered my dejected prayers and turned my heart to stone.

But on the other hand, I've pissed off because of the melancholy I'm feeling, also caused by said person. I'm anxious. Worried that this, like so many of my other woman oriented misadventures will end up to be yet another personal disaster.

Once bitten, twice shy people say. Certainly, now I'm taking precautions and acting deliberately, unlike many times previously where I would act like a dork & follow her around making puppy dog eyes, annoying the crap out of the object of my affection at the time. Relationships and romance are emotional by nature, but emotions untempered by thought are the perfect ingredients for failure. Ironic that, to succeed at an emotional game, you have to think (at least this is from my experience).

Purists may argue that my cautiousness takes the spontaneity out of dating. But I'm not taking any more chances that way. I've had my still-beating heart ripped out of my chest often enough, thank you very much. Bitter, bitter lessons from the past have taught me some.

Just now I blew half the credits of my cell phone, talking to friends about her (Echo from the last post, still can't use her real name yet). I had a nagging feeling that there's something about this girl that I should now. I was right.

She has a dark secret (no she isn't The Slayer, although if she was it would make so much hotter than she already is, if that is even possible..). And since it's a secret, I will not be able to divulge it out of respect for her and to conceal her identity. Trust me when I say the secret is big. And dark. And makes her even more fascinating (no she's not a lesbian nor is she bisexual you pervert.! Though if she wer...never mind).

Let's just say that the poor woman made mistakes in the past.

I thought about this and yes, she is worth the time I want to spend hanging with her. I can tolerate her secret. Perhaps I can be her confidante, someone she can trust ?

The verdict I got from my 'informants' ? Approach with caution. Due to her circumstances, she may be ultra-defensive on some matters. She won't suffer prying eyes lightly, that's a definite. From this bit of info, I have a base strategy (I hope it's a sound one).

It won't be easy. Basically, I need to get her to open up. I need her to talk to me about her and what she is like. Talk about her past. I'm not sure how to time this yet. Can't do it too early. Or too late. If I can gain her trust, I can gain other things. (like affection ?).

I've also decided to just be friends with her for now, no more no less. If anything else happens, I'll just have to let it happen by itself.

I cross my fingers...and hope I don't scare her off.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Something Blue

Warning ! Emo post ahead.

Have you ever had a story that you absolutely have to tell ? You know, the kind that is so compelling, you're just itching to blurt it out despite your better judgement. The type of story
that begs to be shared and posted on the internet, despite it being potentially embarassing and is probably just a whole load of nothing.

Have I got a story for you this evening...

Okay first of all, the necessary boiler plate. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and myself). The story is just probably me being over-excited and acting like an angsty teenager
again. But I can say one thing. And that is the story is true.

I went out last night. With my-ex (who was supposed to be the subject of tonight's post actually, but something else came up. I'll find a way to slot her story in) and some of our mutual friends.

At first, those mutual friend of ours went to a wedding party in...somewhere that's not in Kuching (whereupon they met another woman from my past, but that's an altogether different story). So we had to wait for them. Now my ex and I, we had a talk a week previously about us. It was a good talk, really brought a sense of closure for the both of us. Now we're just friends.

And like all my good friends, she's trying to fix me up with someone.

Last night, I was supposed to meet with my ex's lecturer friend, whom she is trying to fix up with me. Which is nice actually. Unfortunately it rained and she suddenly declined at the last minute. Okay, never mind I said. I was kinda dissapointed but these things happen (especially to me) so I wasn't entirely surprised.

I was settling in for a night of dinner and conversation with my ex and our friend (who in fact is my nephew's girlfriend) when they finally arrived. She brought company. Cousins. Two of them.

That was when I saw HER.

Now, have you ever met a woman so spectacularly awesomely gorgeous, she could only exist other place that's else ? I did last night. It was awesome. And I'm not at liberty
to use her real name, so let's just call her by her NATO phonetic Echo.

And was she hot ! She's slightly smaller than me, has beautiful shoulder length black hair, big brown eyes. She exudes confidence. She has such a dynamic personality (no I'm not talking about her boobs). I was impressed immediately. She laughed heartily and told jokes and poke fun at us. She didn't bother lowering her voice when she spoke. She made a real impression on me.

We sat down for drinks, before we start hitting the clubs. We talked. And laughed. I made the two girls (inc. Echo) guess my age. They got it wrong. That said I had to be in my mid-20s. I was flattered.

After dinner, we went to this karaoke. Well, not so much karaoke, more of a dance place (which didn't play feng-tau techno thankfully. I can't stand feng-tau). We drank. We talked (loudly) and we danced. Or rather she danced and I watched. Can you say sexual tension ? It took all of 20 minutes for me to be totally enraptured by her.

When the night was over, I felt like offering her a ride home (which I can do now since I got wheels haha !!). But she was going home together with her cousins and my ex, since they live in more or less the same area, where as I live in some other place which is nowhere near where they live. I would've insisted but I didn't want to appear too forward/desperate/overeager (which used to be my biggest weakness in such a situation. See I'm learning !!). After all, we've only just met.

That was the most exciting night I've had in a long time.

And now, the aftermath. The fear of rejection. The seeds of doubt in my head. I so desperately want to see her again. Now, if I were to go to myself for advice, I would tell me to just go
ahead and call, crash and burn be damned. Hmm, now it makes me wonder, why is it so bloody hard to follow my own advice ?

God, I've not done this for so so long.

So, after much agonising and thought and simulating best/worst case scenarios in my head I have decided a background check. There's a lot of things I don't know about her. She could be engaged or in a relationship. You never know. Can't be too careful right ?

In the end, I'd probably call her in the next week, just for a chat and maybe dinner (if she doesn't point and laugh at me first).

Or I'll get over this in the next 24hrs and forget about her.

Whatever, wish me luck.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Launchcast Radio

I'm currently fiddling with the the Yahoo Launchcast Radio. Quite tricky. Apparently I can't directly add a song to a playlist or edit artist lists. The thing works by a ratings system. The radio will play something and I'll rate it.

And here I was hoping to listen to Four Star Mary stuff. But I did discover some people whom I've never heard before who are really, really good. Like Keri Noble. The song playing now is called "Talk to Me". Really sweet. Looks like I'll be here for a while.

I noticed a lot of people don't blog on Saturdays. Is it me ? Or is it really like that.

Whatever. I'm going out later. Probably to a club or somewhere, to hang out with that lecturer girl i mentioned before. Should be fun.

Oh cool !!! That Beastie Boys song is on. The Beastie Boys rawk !!! Coming from a non rap fan like me, that's a big deal.

Have a nice weekend...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Bloody One Hundred !!

One hundred posts !!

And to commemorate said milestone, yesterday I decided to register at The Ricebowl Journals, an eclectic collection of Asia's best & brightest blogs/journals. I wonder if I'll make the cut. I also noticed that I was number 92 in the vetting queue. NINETY TWO !! I wonder how long it'll take to be accepted/rejected.

I was going for a more thoughtful reflective post as the one hundredth one but I can't think straight right now. My train of thought was derailed when I received a phone call from the factory earlier in the day. It seems that tonight I have to show up at work at 1.00am(!!!) later because the guy on duty tonight will be leaving early. I'm not happy. He'd better not ask me to replace him tomorrow. At least I'll get some extra money so it's no so bad in the end.

Also, I got myself rated here. The result ?

My life has been rated:
Click to find out your rating!
See what your rating is!
Created by bart666

Cool eh ? I got it from Me, Myself & Id and he got it from...some other place.

And tonight I was supposed to post a pic of Sarah Michelle Gellar i.e the person I admire the most !!(cheh..) But I can't decide which pic to use. Buffy Season 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 ? Or should I use an image from Cruel Intentions, where her hair is its original colour ? Or pictures from elsewhere ? I'm can't decide.


Ok, what the hell....

She's COOL. She's HOT. She's TEPID. She's all temperature Sarah!!

SMG. Severely underrated and overlooked by many due to her involvement in "frivolous" projects like Buffy & Scooby-Doo (which I thought was pretty good actually). Possessing a dramatic range far superior to her better known peers, she's one of those very few actors I know who can pull off drama, action and comedy with equal aplomb.

In my honest opinion, she is one of the finest actresses I've ever seen. I can't wait to watch "Romantic Comedy", "Southland Tales" & "The Grudge".

Thursday, June 24, 2004

People I Adore Pt 2

As you will notice, people I adore are female. For example, see below.

Charlotte Hatherley. Guitarist for Ash. She plays better than me. A lot better.

I'm quite happy to note that they have a new album out. I hope to find the 10 ringgit one soon.

In other news, I want to get another counter for the blog. One where I can see from where my visitors come from. Why two counters ? Because I'm kiasu that way.

Well, about Charlotte... She rocks because she plays and she isn't one of them folky-folky types like Jewel or Lisa Loeb (I like these people too, so expect some pics in the future.

Chicks with axes. They rock..!!!

And Charlotte'll be releasing a solo album later this year. She has one customer waiting right here....

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


It's just day two of work and I'm exhausted already. My throat is sore and I think I'm coming down with fever. That's going to suck.

So, while I'm still fit enough to sit in front of my PC I feel like doing a little updating and some posting, albeit a rather thin & point-free post today.

I found another excellent and well-written blog here. I haven't really read much of it, but I enjoyed what I've read so far.

Today my parents are arriving back from their trip to Penang and of course I have to pick them up. My lazy brother was supposed to do it but he's.....well, lazy so *shrug*. I hope they bought me something useful.

Let's see what else is happening. Oh yes, I went through my first Performance Evaluation yesterday. It was good. I'm happy. In general, my mood was good because of that. Why ? Because a good PE guarantees a raise. And the way I've been leaking money, I'm going to need all I can get.

Actually, there is another story I want to tell. Involving a former errrmm...what's the word....flame ? Hard to say, since while I was with her, she was with officially someone else (not anymore though).

That story requires organization and deep thought (don't worry it's a happy story...well kinda). And since my train of thought is still boarding at the station, this story will have to wait. Hopefully I'll remember to write it.

I really need to write it down.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Ilyria !!!

Yesss !!!!! I finally have decent pictures of Ilyria (that demon character from Angel Season 5). My friend mailed me lots of pic and this is my favourite one.

Ilyria with an axe. She's my hero !

Now compare that with the pic of Amy Acker in my previous post. They look very not-similar.

I also have some gorgeous pics of Michelle Trachtenberg.

Dawn's all growed up.

She's turning out to be quite the hottie.

And Eurotrip was good. Old school teen comedy, complete with colourful language, politically incorrect jokes about Europeans. Fun movie.

In other news, I was on my way home from hanging out last night when I got an invite to go to Ninety-Nine. That's the club behind Harbourview. I haven't been there before. I haven't gone clubbing in the longest time.

Anyways, I met up with my friends and they introduced me to another friend of theirs. Real interesting girl. UITM lecturer (real for deal, not those wanna-be tutors ), has a Masters(!!) Degree in Political Science(!!!!!). Sweet girl. Yes, I like my women hot but I'm especially impressed by brains. I'm meeting her after this actually...

We had wine and beers. The place was packed to the rafters and cars were tripple-parked outside. I had a goof time, to my pleasant surprise. The crowd was not as intimidating as I imagined and there was no trouble of any kind.

Also, the chicks that go there are smoking hot !!! Okay I'm a male chauvinist who likes to check out hot chicks. At least I'm not gay...

And in yet more news, lately I have looked all over the place for a Cruel Intentions DVD. I was on the verge of giving up and contemplating ordering it from Amazon when lo and behold, one of my friends have one. So I borrowed it. And watched it. I think I've watched that movie 19 times. I love it.

I guess that's all the stuff I can write about today. Still got a slight hang over...

Saturday, June 19, 2004

People I Adore Pt 1

Okay, it's after midnight and it is time for me to make like an angsty teenage dork and post pics of married women who are famous (kinda) and who I will never meet in a million years.

Amy Acker !! (Image acquired from

I still can't find a good photo of her as Illyria so this will have to do. She absolutely rocked as Illyria. Illyria kinda resembles Fred (here previous character in Angel) but doesn't talk like Fred, doesn't move like Fred, doesn't even smell like Fred (so says Spike). To think before that I thought she was just a so-so actress. At least she got her wish. She once stated that she so badly wanted to kick ass on Angel but it wasn't suitable for her bookwormy, science-geek Fred character. I bet she had a lot of fun shooting those fight scenes as Illyria. But I bet that costume is real bitch to put on and wear and take off again.

In other news, a friend of mine has started a blog. Check this out. Now we will band together and terrorize all our other friends to start blogging.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Random Buffy Quote

I'm bored. I also have a backache, two extra nights of work and nothing to say. Therefore, being the Buffyholic that I am..I bring you today's Random Buffy Quote !

"Love isn't brains, children, it's blood... blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."
- Spike,
Lovers' Walk, Season3, Episode 43

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Meg Ryan & Kathryn Merteuil

I've been making terrible spelling mistakes lately. My brain seems to fail to function at higher levels, not noticing glaring mistakes until after I post. Or worse, when one of my friends tell me about it.

It's good to be working the day shift again. I got to meet with all my normal shift regulars.

I watched "When Harry Met Sally" yesterday. I've never watched it before (I'm not kidding). I understand now why it's a classic. It was shot well and had some of the wittiest dialogue I've ever heard. I loved it. Plus, Billy Crystal. He can do no wrong, now can he ? And Meg Ryan, she's such a pro. I'll be watching this again for sure.

And talking about Meg Ryan I also watched "In the Cut", also with Meg Ryan in it. But wait. This one is no chick flick. It's graphic and explicitly sexual, with blood and nudity aplenty (yes Meg gets naked here). Be warned, don't watch this movie with kids or conservative old people.

It was a good. Meg Ryan was good too. I enjoyed watching her playing something other than her standard bubbly, perky, chick flick characters. In her own words, this character is more "interior" than the usual characters that she plays. She called these characters more "exterior". Mark Ruffalo was ambigously creepy and Jennifer Jason Leigh looked really messed up. And Kevin Bacon was weird playing a crazed stalker guy, even if he only got a few scenes. I enjoyed this movie. I recommend this to any Meg Ryan fan. It's different from anything she's ever done. And there's no doubt, Meg (or Margaret, which is her real name) can act.

And finally, I was bored enough last weekend to dig out a Cruel Intentions VCD. That movie still rocks. I love watching Sarah Michelle Gellar being evil. She's so so good at it. And I like the fact that she's not blonde in this movie. Frankly, she looks a lot better and less ditzy being a brunette (which is her actuall hair color). Whatever she looks like, it doesn't matter. SMG RULES !!!!

Yeah, I've watched a lot of movies lately. Movies are fun aren't they ?

Next up ? AVP, Spiderman 2 & Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam. Oh and you heard about the DMX movie "Never Die Alone". That movie was good too. I got the DVD. Too bad it will never make it pass our censors.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Stupid Old People (aka Parents Don't Know Everything, Even if They Think They Do) )

I was reading blogs a moment ago. Now I'm upset.

I read an entry about parents and things they do. About lack of privacy and living with a dad so strict you have to lie just to so you could go out and hang.

This will make me sound like an ungrateful snot of a son to some people. Maybe I am. It all depends on your point of view. An also, I'm not a parent, therefore I'm no expert. This is just my opinion and I'm not taking any of this back. Ever.

Okay, let's consider my own parents. I don't hate them now. But we're not close. I can't talk with them much because eventually they'll get pissed off at me for being rude (read "not having the same opinion as them). I can't go to them with problems because they will blame me for it regardless of whether it was my fault or otherwise. The short of it, my relationship with my parents is shot to hell. Damaged beyond repair.

I used to hate them. We fought a lot. When I was younger, they were the ultimate control freaks. If they could, they would control the thoughts in my mind. Not to mention the verbal and physical abuse. When I was kid, if I did something wrong I would get beaten until I bled. As I got older, I got sick of this. By the time I was 16, it was open warfare. I started smoking, chiefly because I got sick of being accused of smoking when I wasn't. I started to do things just to spite them.

It was not until recently that we stopped our constant fighting. I guess they're getting old. Looking back, I knew why they did the things they did. I understood that they didn't mean to be hurtful or mean, it's just that they were just kids when I was born (21 & 22). And I guess they didn't know how to deal with kids and all the other life stuff.

I don't hate them. But the damage is done. I could never be comfortable with them. I try to be nice to them now. That's all I can do.

I also realized my parents aren't the worse. I'm no angel. I'm not a nice guy. Half the times my parents get pissed at me, they have a right to it. Sometimes it is my fault so I deserve some of the hassle. At least they never dictated my choice of work. They never denied me privacy. They don't go checking my PC or read my mail. And during one of my very extremely rare conversations (read "mom talking and me listening") with my mom, she did tell me that they don't really mind whoever we chose to marry, should we get married at all. That was entirely up to us, me & my brothers.

The thing that I have trouble understanding is that some parents can't trust their kids to do the right thing. That if they aren't controlled they'd screw up and get themselves killed or get involved in some subversiveness or become slut or some shit like that.

I think they are lines parents should not cross. Like privacy. And choice of employment/career. And other stuff that has nothing to do with them but everything to do with their kids. Especially here where they are so many fucked up, cowardly, close-minded, religious freak conversatives. I know some parents open & censor their kids mail. I know parents who will nogt allow their kids to work unless they work at a place they approve of, or the government. I know parents who won't allow their kids to have friends who are of different race/religion/social status as them. What are they thinking ? I know parents worry about their kids but it can be taken too far. I have a distant relative who's mom is such a totalitarian, he had a 7.00pm curfew. He's not allowed to hang out. His entire daily routine is planned by his mom. No big deal right ? Well, it is a big deal when you do it to a 26 year old. Come on, 26 YEARS OLD and you have a curfew ? What the hell !!??

I don't get it. Why do they do these things ? I could go on.

What was the point of that ? That's just a reaction. I feel sorry for some of the people I know who have parents like that. You know the saying,"Father/Mother knows best" ? That's a load of steaming horsehit. If I followed my parents' every whim, I would be a geek with a number 3 haircut and giant glasses, even uglier than I am now. I would be stuck in a government job, doing something I absolutely hate, kissing some jerk's ass to get a promotion. In other words, I'd be extremely unhappy. But that's a whole different story.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Weird Dream

Just when I thought I had no more ideas for this web log, I discover something quite nice. Free image hosting. Which means that I can now do what I always wanted, to post pics on my blog ! So far so good, the posting tests have been okay. The images load and are not corrupted. And I don't have to pay for anything at all !!. Okay so I should have known earlier but at least I know now right ?

There won't be any pictures today though. I'm at the office, it's 6.00am and I'm tired. Later I have to attend a dinner in Santubong somewhere. And I can't seem to find a good picture of Amy Acker as Illyria. I'm also seriously thinking about getting a cheapish but decent digital cam.

And talking about my Angel/Buffy kick, I had the weirdest dream a few days ago. I dreamt I was at work. Except my work area was different. My job was the same and everything felt familiar but the surroundings were different. Instead of the familiarly dull battleship grey and pale blue office, I see would panels and earthy tones (and a nice brown carpet). I go about my business. I meet a lot of guys in suits, which is weird since in my actual place of work people are very casually dressed. I can't really recall in detail the next bits, just me chatting with people and heading to the Science Department (which my real work place doesn't have) to see the boss about new network points for more workstations. I get there and meet a guy in a white lab coat. He says the boss is not there, she had to follow the ceo on some errand. Okay never mind I said. I'll come back later. So I go back to my cube and saw that it was lunch time. I walk out to the (very large) lobby, lighting a fag. I look up and see the signage of my "place of work".

The sign says Wolfram & Hart.

.......I wake up.

Okay maybe I should lay off watching Buffy/Angel DVDs for a while....

Wednesday, June 09, 2004



Haloscan is down and I can't read comments. That sucks.

Anyway, take a look at this (if you can't see any pictures, wait a bit. The host is a bit slow. Or right-click the blank frame and select "Show Picture") :-

That is an Ibanez Gax30BK. Isn't that just the most gorgeous thing you ever saw ?

My brother is about to buy a similar guitar, a Gax10. That means we have FIVE top notch guitars in the house ! My Squire Strat, my Santa Cruz acoustic, my brother's Santa Cruz acoustic with volume control and amp output, an Epiphone acoustic and now the Gax10. We're going to have a guitarfest at home !! Plus, Ibanez. Wow !!!!

I love Ibanez guitars. There is another model that I really want, the RG370DX. See it here:-

Isn't she a beauty !! If only I could afford it now. (Actually I can but I'd have to blow my entire account. Not recommended.)

To be fair, I've been neglecting my playing since my band went into its hiatus. I really miss our jam sessions. Once again, the pressures of life forced two of us to go to KL and work. And just as we were getting good too...

We'll jam again for sure. But for now, I have to make do with playing alone. The newest song I learnt was Three Doors Down "Away From The Sun". That's a good song.

Music calms the savage beast. It also calms humans when they're stressed out. My guitar playing is one of the things I'm most grateful for. I've been playing long enough to not remember how it was like when I didn't play any instruments.

Do you play ? You should. It's not that hard.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Borrowed Heaven

Have you guys seen these in town ? They're cool ! Vinyl Cds for that nostalgic feel !

I just got the new the Corrs album,"Borrowed Heaven". I've heard about 3 tracks and so far soooo good. I love the Corrs.

I've also managed to get off my lazy ass long enough to update my links. Got some more blogs added. All quite nice.

I've notice quite a big slowdown in blogging activities from nearly all the blogs I frequent including mine. One of them is now officially dormant, which is too bad. We've all been very busy lately I guess. I guess we're becoming Victims of Real Live(TM). Sucked into the quagmire, bogged down by the details, wrenched away from the bliss of our online selves by the real world and all it's responsiblities.

Oh well.

I have thought about this just now. Will I ever stop blogging ? The same way I stopped chatting ? Who knows ? The one thing that blogging differs from chatting is that, unlike chatting blogging does not require an audience. It doesn't have to be interactive. This blog could sit here and not have a single visitor for decades for all I care. That makes it quite useful when I refer to it 30 years (should I live that long, God willing) from now when I write my memoirs.

I hope to not stop blogging. I hope to record things about my life so that I have something to look back on in the future. It'll be my personal time capsule !

That's a good thing.

Monday, June 07, 2004

International Bloggers Day

I like this banner.

I'm going to put this somewhere on here after I shrink it.

And I found this from the here.

"June 9th is International Webloggers Day. Created because bloggers express. Oh, yes we do. Sometimes what we express is not popular. Sometimes it's not even read. But we write it anyway. Some of us write to purge ourselves of the thoughts and feelings that swirl around inside us. Some of us write for our readers. Some of us write simply because we must. Some use their blog as a diary and post about their lives. Some share stories about work. Some about thier families. Some write fiction. Or poetry. Or true stories. Others post pictures. Photos. Sound. I've seen blogs that review. Blogs that complain. Blogs that teach. Blogs that share. Blogs that act as news reporters for the area. Blogs on politics. Blogs that are cartoons. Blogs by the homeless, the poor, the middle class and even the well-off. Blogs cross all the lines. I've read blogs from around the world. Blogs of every class, religion, race, and lifestyle. What's the definition of a blog? I'm not sure. But I know one when I see it."

Taken from
Stupid Words.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Eighty Eight

Imagine that.

I've been weblogging for six whole months. And I thought it was just a phase and like many other things I get into, I thought I'd lose interest and abandon it. Apparently not. This would be the eighty eighth post on Riding the Mellow.

I've added a counter. I sometimes wonder whether people actually (ok I'm vain I actually do care whether people come here, so sue me) come and visit. Since not everybody leaves comments, it'd be nice to know how many hits I may or may not be getting.

I'm feeling rather good right now. I've been testing this piece of software that monitors server status and hard disk space. So far so good, been quite successful at finding work-arounds and ways to implement it in our environment. I feel a good performance review coming round the corner. That usually translates to having more money so I'm quite pleased.

I'm also feeling pretty good because of the blog. Like I've mentioned before, I suffer (at least I used to) from the start-something-but-get-bored-and-never-stick-to-it syndrome. It's weird. I know procrastinating and neglecting things is not good for the soul and eats away at the conscience, and yet I found myself repeating this over & over. Happily, this blog is turning out to be not one of those things I neglect. In fact, since I've started blogging I've actually managed to tie up many lose ends.

What makes a person neglect things and never follow up on them ? Perhaps it's habitual ? In my case I know for sure it's a habit. There seemed to always be some kind of mental barrier that prevents me from following through on things I say I would do. There are many examples of this in my debris strewn past. Again, since I started blogging things like these seem to be less common. Another nod to the therapeutic value of blogging and expressing oneself in general.

So gentle viewer, do you have a weblog ? Do you have issues you need to resolve and work out ? If you don't have one, start a blog. You might be surprised.

And if you are a blogger, you'd agree. Am I right ?

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Vodka + Orange Juice = Hangoverless Morning After

I just had me a real busy day. Had to send my car to service one entire month ahead of schedule. The damned condenser belting tensioner actually FELL OFF, thus rendering the aircond unit unsafe to use due to risk of belt slippage, which could cause damage to the condensor (and my wallet). Bloody Proton QC....

Also I've just had the most funfilled Gawai break in ages, especially the 31st. I went to two gatherings and got reason wasted, as planned. My vodka/orange juice mix was a big hit with my mates, so much so that we're doing it again two weeks from now. The next day in the morning we went for breakfast and I had me a cool bottle of Guinness. It was great. One of the plus sides of drinking with your mates is the energetic, no holds barred conversations and other miscellaneaous hijinks. And for once, I didn't drink any beer.

You see, beer is not bad actually. I love the smell and its got quite a nice high. It's just that beer causes the worst hangover, strong enough to totally incapacitate me the entire next day. And there is also the beer belly factor. Me and at least two of my friends have decided to cut down on beer drinking and try other stuff. I've acquired a taste for stout recently and I highly recommend it over beer any time. It's less gassy and doesn't cause that horrid bloated feeling. It's bitter though so it's an acquired taste. Plus, not much after effect, just a burning thirst the next day. I'd take that over a headache any time. So much less pain.

I'm also beginning to get a feel for wine drinking. Not the drink-until-I-collapse drinking, but the slow, sipping drinking. Wine drinking is totally relaxing, where you savor the different smells and the different tastes of different wines. Kinda costly though, so can't do it too often. And vodka. I've always loved it. Neat or mixed, it's just lovely. Of course it's very strong and deadly for novices to drink so take it easy withg vodka. And I also love tequila (both gold and silver, and sunrise mix!!), bourbon and Southern Comfort whiskey. I can tolerate brandy and scotch but these are usually really dry and are kinda hard to appreciate. My experience, good liquors are less likely to cause serious, incapacitating hangovers

I sound like an alcoholic don't I ? Okay, before anyone starts getting concerned, I'm not. I don't NEED alcohol. I don't get the shakes when I don't drink. It's just that it sucks the way that society sees drinkers as automatically dependant on the drink, evil and bad and other negative stuff. But I don't care what people think, so long as I'm happy and people don't get in the way.

Well anyways, I just want to say I had a great Gawai. I wasn't perfect, I didn't do much visiting and didn't hook up with anyone new, but it was great.

I had fun.

Salut !